Client Feedback

GSCS prioritizes client satisfaction over everything. Our goal is to make sure that our customers receive the highest standard of service at the quickest time possible. To help us improve our service, please, take time to answer this Survey Form. Be assur

1. Please rate our auditor/s punctuality ? They arrived …… *
2. What was our office response time in processing your application? *
3. How do you rate auditors diligence in audit coverage and presentation? *
4. How soon did you receive the pre-audit information before the audit took place? *
5. Did the auditors comply with your dress code on the use of personal protective equipment or you work environment procedures? *
6. How many days was the audit report sent to you from the date the audit was conducted? *
7. How would you rate the audit report with respect to details of the audit summary, clarity of the findings (if any)? *
8. How often does your local office communicate with you in a year? *
9. With the range of certification and training that we offer, what standard that you do not currently have but want an approval for? Please indicate in the box provided.*
10. On what areas do you think we need to improve? Please write your suggestions on the box provided.*